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                                                            A list of fanfiction that I've done or contributed to:

      Stargate SG-1:

Voyage of Discovery - an sg1database fiction  w.i.p.

Dream On - one of my dreams in a story kind of way.... 11/5/04


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        Orginal Works

The Cursed Blessing - A group of Norseling horses find their prophet again... w.i.p.
         Alternate ending to The Cursed Blessing - you don't even have to read or understand the Cursed Blessing to read this, just a Stargate fan w.i.p.
               Guide to the Cursed Blessing - here is a summary overview I wrote up when I came up with the idea, MASSIVE SPOILER!!!

The Life of the Lady - an Irish girl finds that not is all as it should be, another w.i.p.

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