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The Cursed Blessing:


Norseling horses with the Gift from their god Thor – called the Touch of Thor or simply the Touch. The horses are known as the Chosen. Each has a mark on their chests – a symbol of what they might become or what service they would provide for the herd. Names depend on how high up or how important you are to the herd. Such as Daniel – strange name in the herd, it was chosen because he is a linguist. He’s a French blue stallion with a golden mane and tail. (Not many horses in the herd have the bland colors; shades of brown and gray, of the Untouched herds.) Performs a great service to the herd, he’s a linguist, can read and speak at least 20 languages – mostly old esoteric languages. Translates the ‘messages of the gods.’ – ruins found by the herd with runes on them. His ‘calling’ mark is a  o which symbolizes a mouth. At the summer ceremony, each foal that is of age – five years – receives their acceptance necklace. From that point on they are true adults of the herd. The acceptance necklace is made of a vine of gold acorns. These vines grow naturally in the Grove of Thor’s Acorns; this is where the newly initiated foals must go to become adults.


Though every adult is trained for battle, the best are picked to be in the Outriders, they are the biggest, strongest, and fastest stallions and mares in the herd. In battle, it is the Outriders that lead the herd into battle followed by the rest of the herd. During these times, the eldest stay behind and are able to guard the young fillies and foals. The Outriders would be considered the military group of the herd. During peace-time, they go on scouting parties to keep the herd out of danger and if the herd needed to move and where to.


There is one human amongst the Chosen ranks - Freya. She was born out of a Chosen mare’s belly and brought forth into life by that same mare. She other names she will be known by. One of them is Thokk, the name of the feminine form that Thor took, but her truename is Torunn, the love of Thor. (Yet to be revealed.) Freya is also a Chosen member, Touched by Thor. She traveled at the age of 12 to Thor’s Grove and received her necklace. She was born to Daniel and his wife, a glorious chestnut red named Ryhenna whose name means fire. Ryhenna’s calling is a n symbolizing that she is the head keeper of fire. She is also among a back-up rank of the Outriders, the Landwatchers. The story is told from the point of view of the human child’s stallion brother. He is a true black stallion, he has no calling symbol. He is considered a miracle as well. There hasn’t been a true black with no calling since the time of Thor. Such a horse is legendary because a horse with no calling is said to be a prophet of Thor and the other gods. His name is quite irregular because he is to be amongst the most important of the Chosen – his truename is Arvakl, (which is yet to be revealed) a mythical name that first belonged, in Chosen mythology, to Thor’s horse. He is more commonly known as Starglyph. Both he and his sister know as many languages as their brethren, Daniel taught them. This is also highly irregular because the individual Chosen has a ‘need’ to learn what his or her calling represents, but at the time both Starglyph and his sister always watched Daniel work, so he taught them. Another name Starglyph is to be known by is Aren, rule of the eagles, because he Blends with an eagle during his story.


Note: Daughter of Starglyph is a centaur and named Jord, daughter of Night.


Amon, the hidden – the Sage of herd, deep blue w/silver mane, female, calling: t

Amdis, immortal – a strong leader amongst all Chosen, a destry, male, calling: d

Apara, one who comes and goes – mysterious diata, silver, female, calling: z

the Aran, forest – the forest traveled through to get to Thor’s Grove

Ashwin, strong horse – name of Outrider capt. (dead), highest rank named in his honor

the Axl, Source of Life – the ‘pond’ where foals and fillies must stand to become adults

Bairn, child – a weanling yet unnamed

bersh, one year – time measurement

Beyla, By God! – invocation

Blaz, unwavering protector – name of the Ashwin of the Outriders, calling: s

Bo, commanding – rank of the 2IC of the Outriders

Brant, firebrand – name of another in herd with Ryhenna’s color, male, dima, calling: e

Caden, fighter – rank of one who has been initiated into the Outriders, lowest rank, cadet

Calhoun, warrior – rank above caden

Chase, hunter – a Chosen, helps in scouting parties, part of LW, true bronze, calling: a

cheche, small thing – insult

Chhaya, shadow – the name of the 2IC of the Outriders, deep maroon, calling: j

Chruse, golden one – name of golden storyteller, calling: p

Cian, ancient – often Thor and race is called as such, name of oldest of the Chosen

Coen, brave – lowest rank of the Landwatchers

Cosima, universe, harmony – the ultimate goal believed to have be proclaimed by Thor

cullen, handsome – word used by mares describing ‘cute’ potentials

?darnad – the Unchosen, slang

Dai, great – praise

Desma, bond, pledge – an oath, to swear it, old unused word, also – friend- life friend

Destry, war horse – highest rank in Landwatchers, about to be admitted to Outriders

Diallo, bold – rank above coen

Diata, lion – rank directly below destry

Dima, powerful warrior – rank below bo

Dyami, eagle – name of bird that Blends with Starglyph

Edria, mighty – rank above eytan

Eytan, firm, strong – rank above diallo

Floke, guardian of the people – rank below dima, job is to stay back and watch herd, known as Thor’s Job – very honorable position

Frey, god of the weather – a diallo, navy blue w/yellow markings, male, calling: m

Gaerwn, white fort – the pure white floke, female, calling: u 

Gamba, warrior – a deep red caden, mare, calling: A

Ganit, defender – a dark brown coen, male, calling: C

Hachi, river – a water blue Calhoun w/gray hooves, tail, and mane, male, calling: F

Hakan, fiery, noble – the name of the legendary black stallion of Thor, said to be a prophet of Thor, had no Calling

kilenya, coughing fish – insult, either means big, stupid, or lumbering goon

?Kiril, lordly one or meryl, falcon – enemy of the Chosen, not horses either






Ashwin Blaz

Bo Chhaya of Jeroen

Dima Brant

Floke Gaerwn

Calhoun Hachi

Caden Gamba



Destry Amdis of Mitexi

Diata Apara of

Edria Chase of Midgaard

Eytan Ryhenna of Aderyn

Diallo Frey of

Coen Ganit of Aderyn










Note: This list may not be complete. The letters are Runic letters if they don't show up.

The Cursed Blessing forgotten language


Πιετα νιψο Ρθοαν ησπν πιετα τθετα qυεν,

Τριζι τθετα νυχι ε τθετα οτεν,

Προγψον υστα ησπν υστα,

Μοταν πψχις μοταν – τθετα γαυδα ρθοταυ.”


τ χ μ λ ψ φ Å


“Pi’eta niyo Rhoan gspn pi’eta theta quen,

Trifi theta nuxi e theta oten,

Procyon usta gspn usta,

 Motan pyxis motan – theta cauda rhotao.”


tau, chi, mu, lambda, psi, phi 


“Find my Touched and find the way,

Through the gloom of the day,

Connecting one and one,

Two by two – the kinds continue.”