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Alternate ending for the Cursed Blessing:


Shoop! Suddenly, it was dark and mystical Axl was gone. Instead, on its shores, lay four green people. Three of them were male and one mare. They were oddly colored and spoke in hushed tones amongst themselves.

            “Well, it looks like… well to be honest, a bunch of err… horses.”

            “Not just any horses, look at this one, it’s dark green with gold hooves.”

            “Are not such equines common on your planet?” the dark brown stallion asked his desmas and the mare responded.

            “No, they’re not.” Freya awoke to see that they were shaped as she was, stood on their hind legs, and used their forelegs for carrying things like the oddly shaped logs. She had never met another human before because, as her father had told her, no other humans lived in or around the meadows of the Chosen. She took her chances. Freya got up to greet the strangers. She stood in front of the stallion with gray in his mane while he was looking around curiously. She waited for him to notice her. When he turned back around, she seemed to have been a specter because she’d appeared out of nowhere. Freya could tell that she had spooked the strong stallion.

            “Hello,” Freya offered strongly, but still very quietly. She bowed her head as a sign of greeting she’d seen the elders do when delegations came from the other herds. The dark brown stallion bowed his head in return. The gray one eyed him oddly. He turned around to face the last stallion quickly. With a curious little shake of his head, he asked the other stallion something in a dialect similar to her own.

            “Daniel? It’s all yours.” Now it was her turn to be shocked. Daniel was the name of her father! Without thinking, she plunged on ahead, despite the consequences of her folks and the rest of the herd.

            “I am Freya of the Chosen Touched of Thor, out of Eytan Ryhenna of Aderyn and Daniel of Midgaard.” The gray one drew his head back in mild surprise, the mare widened her eyes, the one named Daniel did both and muttered a small “oh?” The brown one remained stoic. The sudden outburst of information surprised the group. Not all people were this… outgoing when they were met. Daniel was surprise at the use of his name the most. Was it just convenient for him to find a ‘Daniel of Midgaard,’ Midgaard being the name for the Norse ‘Earth.’ Not only that, but these people, what ever they are, worshipped Thor, maybe they could be allies.

            “Um, Jack, I believe…” Daniel was cut off.

            “Not now Daniel, no mythological stuff, okay?” the gray stallion, Jack, pleaded. Daniel held his tongue. Freya looked at the bickerers and continued.

            “You must be silent, but it is almost morning. Soon you will be able to talk with my parents, but you must tell me, did you come out of the Axl?” Jack, looked noncommittally over his shoulder at the Axl. He looked back at his friends and they exchanged looks. Then the yellow mare answered the question.

            “Uh, yeah, we came through the Stargate…”


Several hours before, in the SGC…

            “Jack, this looks like a good planet!” Daniel whined again.

            “Daniel, look at the probe. It slid BACK into the gate!” Jack answered again. They’d been at this for about ten minutes. Finally Carter had had enough.

            “Sir! Daniel! How ‘bout we sit down and stop bickering about it.”

            Jack pointed at her. “She’s a smart girl you know.” Daniel shrugged noncommittally. They sat down and Carter went over the facts.

            “We know that the MALP slid back into the gate after reaching the other side. We also know that this is one of the planets put in by the Colonel after we found the Ancient database…” Carter trailed off as O’Neill gave an involuntary shudder. They had all gathered in Sam’s lab to discuss the M.A.L.P. telemetry and the possibility of going, and Daniel and Jack had started this thing. Sam continued. “We calculate that the Stargate is lying at a twenty degree angle by the time it took the MALP to slid back in the gate. Also, we know that at the speed the gate is entered, is the speed the gate is exited.” They all remembered the time when Freya/Anise of the Tok’ra came to ‘enhance their strength’ and things had gotten a little bit out of control.

            “So your point is major?” Jack inquired sarcastically.

            “My point is that we might be able to do this, if General Hammond agrees this mission of course…”

            “Which he won’t because it’s NUTS!” Jack said, violently gesturing about.

            “Have we not done things you have considered ‘nuts’ before, O’Neill?” the big Jaffa inquired with a raised eyebrow.

            “Yes, but this is different,” Jack retorted.

            “How so?” Jack looked bewildered and frustrated. He didn’t bother answering Teal’c’s question. Daniel was looking at Jack expectantly, all innocence, as he scratched his cheek.

            “Whadda you looking at?”

            “Oh nothing.” 


Minutes later, Jack found himself mumbling and grumbling to General Hammond about the mission with the rest of SG-1.

“Sir?” Jack whined loudly. Hammond looked at his 2IC with a small glare. He turned back around to Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c.

“Are you reasonably certain that this is the planet with the Ancient outpost?”

“No, sir, but it’s worth the risk,” Sam responded.

Teal’c cocked his eyebrow. “Any number of plants may contain the outpost of the Ancients, General Hammond. It would be wise to search any planet for any sign of it,” Teal’c put in stoically.

“Sir?!?” Jack pleaded again. Hammond spun around to view him in the chair.

“Yes Colonel?”

“Are you meaning to tell me that you’re going to authorize this insane mission, sir?” The general chuckled slightly. He could see from where Jack was coming from, but this planet relied on SG-1 finding the outpost and not Anubis. Getting out of the gate was the hard part though.

“Major, if I proceed with the mission and SG-1 goes through; may I ask how you’re going to get out of the gate?” Hammond inquired. Carter stood up with a remote in her hand.

“Well sir, we know that an object that goes through the gate at a certain velocity comes out at the same velocity.” She paused and hit a button on the remote and it turned on the T.V. next to her. The video was darkened, like it was shot at dusk. Through the camera, the team could see a couple golden trees around the area. Suddenly the camera started to slip backwards and the signal was lost. After the video finished, Sam turned off the television and regained her conversation. “As you can see from the MALP tape, there are many trees within the vicinity of the gate. If one of us can’t launch ourselves through, then we harpoon a tree.” Sam finished her part of the briefing smartly. Hammond cocked his head like a dog.

“Is that such a great idea major? Remember what happened on…PJ2-455?” They remembered clearly. The plant the scouting UAV had hit was a key part of the native peoples’ survival. Jack, Daniel, and Teal’c and become sick when they on the planet because of a sound. Luckily, SG-1 restored the ‘right’ sound and left the people almost the same way the group had found them. Sam nodded carefully.

“Yes, sir. That’s why I suggested that we use the tree only if there is a risk that we start slipping into the event horizon.” Hammond nodded strongly; Jack knew that his team was going on this mission.

“Sir, aren’t you the least bit worried that we all might die?” Jack pressed. His commanding officer sighed.

“Jack, I run that risk every time I send a team through that gate. This time, I agree, has a little more risk to it, because we know what might happen, but think Jack. That weaponry is for possibly giving us the chance to save our planet!” Jack realized that he’d been only thinking of himself and his team, yes, this was under the headache of their long standing orders: to retrieve technology that would help them in the fight against the Gou’ald. But the headache was necessary if he and the other six billion people on this planet wanted to live.

“Yes, sir, I understand,” O’Neill said quietly.

“Good, you leave tomorrow at 0900 hours.” Hammond ordered the team. “As for now, get some rest, you’re going to have some kind of a day… being launched through a gate. Dismissed.” The team got up and walked out of the Debriefing Room. Normally, Jack would have stayed, but Hammond was right, he desperately needed some sleep. The colonel yawned and bid his team goodnight as he left for home.

On his way home, Jack O’Neill thought. He thought about random topics like “What’s for lunch tomorrow at the SGC?” or “What the hell am I going to have for dinner?” But the relevant thoughts were more like, ‘How are we going to get through the gate? Make a giant rubber band and sling-shot us through?’ When he got home, he had a beer and hit the bed.

The next morning, SG-1 was back at it again. They were in the locker room gearing up for their insanely dangerous mission. The planet looked peaceful, it was just the point of entry and exit that had Jack worried. Daniel had had almost finished putting on his stuff when he walked over to O’Neill.

“Jack, you okay?” he asked quietly. Jack raised his head to look at his friend.

“Yes, I am Daniel.” Before Daniel could retort, Jack asked the question that had been on his mind since they’d considered this nutcase mission. “Carter, how do you suppose we get through the gate and live to tell about it?” He cocked his head in question, waiting for an answer. Sam pulled a face on him.

“Well sir, to be honest I was thinking about running through as fast as possible. Why?”

“Swell,” Jack murmured unhappily. “So very… scientific, Doctor Carter…” Jack teased softly. “And here I thought we were going to make a rubber band sling-shot.” Jack left the locker room at the fastest speed possible, to avoid being hurled, not through the gate, but onto his butt by a rampaging major. That’s what happened, sort of. Before the colonel got too far out of the locker room, a Carter swooped down on him congratulating him on spawning a revolutionary idea. She ran off to her lab. Jack stood there in the hallway and looked utterly bewildered. Teal’c and Daniel joined him shortly. O’Neill turned to them, silently asking for an explanation for the female whirlwind.

“I believe that Major Carter is extremely happy, O’Neill,” Teal’c offered in his ultimate helpfulness.

“Ya think?”


            Sam ran down the aisle to her lab. On the way, she bumped into General Hammond as she sprinted down the hallway.

            “Major?” he asked as the female whirlwind stopped in the hall. Out of breathe, but very happy, she answered.

            “Ask O’Neill, Daniel, and Teal’c sir!” she yelled over her shoulder as she continued running again. Hammond shook his head and chuckled softly to himself. The general kept walking in the direction of from where Major Carter had come from. At the time before Carter ran him down, he was walking around the base aimlessly. At least now he could find the rest of SG-1 and ask what the scientist was up to. Minutes later, he rounded a corner and found a very odd expression on someone’s face. Jack still held the confused/bewildered/utterly amazed face that he’d first had when Carter exploded in his face and took off. Hammond found the trio walking down the hall with Jack in front and Dr. Jackson and Teal’c side-by-side. Daniel looked to be in deep thought when Jack and Hammond fond each other. Jack looked at his commanding officer in amazement. Jack pointed down the hallway.

            “Did you…”

            “Yup,” Hammond confirmed.

            Jack nodded and paused dramatically as he went to speak. “What the hell was that?”

            “That’s what I came to ask you folks, colonel.” Jack nodded like he was thinking about something.

            “Yeah….sir? We folks don’t know,” Jack responded in his normal, cynical way. Hammond lifted his head up in acknowledgement. Jack turned to his Earth friend. “Daniel? Got any roaring ideas yet?” Daniel kept his head down as he was thinking carefully. He seemed not to hear Jack call his name. “Daniel? Oh Danny boy!” O’Neill called out again to Daniel. Finally, Daniel came out of his stupor, looked up and blinked thrice.

            “What? Oh. Jack you’re a genius,” Daniel said in rapid succession and took off to find Sam. The remaining team members and the general blinked at each other.

            “Colonel?”, “General?” Jack and Hammond said together. Jack sighed exasperated. He spun to his other friend. “Teal’c?” he pleaded for an explanation.

            Teal’c lifted his head up and answered Jack and Hammond. “O’Neill, I have reason to believe that both Major Carter and Doctor Jackson think that you are… a genius.” O’Neill gestured at Teal’c to General Hammond.

            “There you go sir. Let’s go find out what the children are up to, shall we?” and O’Neill led the way to Sam’s lab.


            Daniel hurried into Sam’s lab to find her already at work. She looked up at him and smiled. “Isn’t it amazing how the colonel does that?”

            “You mean his random uncanny brilliance, I assume?” Daniel looked up over his glasses at Sam. Her dazzling smile graced him.

            “Yeah.” She stopped talking for a bit as she started to work again. Daniel was there, helping her in any way possible. She took a deep breath and confronted Daniel again. “I assume you came up with the same idea I did, right?” Daniel nodded quickly.

            “Yeah, basically the same, but a little different with a few tweaks here and there,” Daniel remarked. Sam lifted her eyebrows in vague amusement.

            “Huh,” she uttered softly, more to herself than anyone else. With that, the two ‘scientists’ went back to working on whatever had been inspired by O’Neill. A couple minutes went by before Colonel O’Neill, General Hammond, and Teal’c walked into the lab together, all with a perplexed look on their face. Hammond looked at the two working on this thing. O’Neill and Teal’c had filled him in about how Jack had said something about how to get through the Stargate without the risk of dying and using a giant rubber band slingshot. Hammond was about to open his mouth when O’Neill walked up behind them. He put his hands on their backs.

            “So kids, how’s it going?” he smiled falsely. The two team members jumped simultaneously at Jack’s gentle touch.      

            “Sir!” Sam exclaimed quietly, in a very military-like way. Teal’c, Hammond, and Jack surrounded the workers.

            “What’s up major?” Hammond asked the same lady who ran him down just minutes ago. Carter turned in her chair, as did Daniel, and they explained their findings.

            “Sirs, you’re not going to believe this.” Beofre she had time to continue, Jack had already inseted a word of his own.

            “I know, both of you called me a genius in the span of ten minutes.” Jack accompanied the statement with his best ‘What’s with that?’ gesture. Sam smiled quickly.

            “Anyway, we’ve been working on a project recently using atoms that when pressed together quickly, such as when you clap your hands or stomp your feet, the atoms bounce off of each other and enable the object it’s attached to bounce. What I’m saying is that, we’ve been able to coat the bottom of our boots with a substance holding a lot of these atoms. Basically, the harder you stomp, the more ‘propel’ you get.” Jack turned to Teal’c and General Hammond.

            “Cool!” Sam smiled at her commanding officer again.

            “I’m wearing a pair of boots coated in the substance right now.” Sam stood up and stomped her foot hard and it bounced back up. Next Sam put her two feet together and jumped moderately. She already went higher than any person should be able to go. Unintentionally, when she came down she stomped really hard, expecting to land. Instead, because of the volatile nature of the atoms, she soared higher than Teal’c’s head. Luckily for her, the ceiling in the lab was very high. “Ow!” she muttered as she hit the ceiling. This time Sam tried to soften her landing and did so successfully. After the span of about three minutes, Carter settled back on her feet. Jack, Daniel, Hammond, and Teal’c had been watching with interest for all of the minutes.   

            “Kinda like flubber isn’t it?” Jack asked innocently. Sam nodded as if she were going to launch into a spiel.

            “Yeah, sort of,” was all she said though.  

            “What is Flubber, O’Neill?” Teal’c wanted to know.

            “Put it on your long list of movies that you have to see, Teal’c!” Jack answered happily. Jack was a happy man, now that he knew that they could get through the gate without the possibility of certain death. Now, O’Neill couldn’t wait to go on that mission, he was bouncing for joy; to say the least. In anticipation, he glanced at his watch; it read 08:27. It was almost time to go! “Kids, it’s a half hour ‘til gate time!” Jack informed them gleefully. He turned to Hammond, remembering him in the room. “Sir, permission to leave?”

            “Granted, now go get finished getting ready.” Hammond ordered casually. The team left and Jack’s change of heart hadn’t been missed by any of them. The rest of SG-1 followed Jack’s bounce out of the room.


            Not much later, Sam was already in the gate room with SG-1. Sam had coated only the front of the boot since “that’s where you walk, step, and jump with.” The team was experimenting with the substance, with landing, walking, and jumping. Sam’s idea was that they all started to bounce and then placed their feet against the wall and pushed as hard as they could. The extra energy built up from jumping around in the gate room would help propel them even farther through the gate. Even Teal’c was jumping around like a human kid on a trampoline. Hammond, up in the Control Room along with everyone else, was watching SG-1 go up and down, up and down. The general chuckled at the site of his best team jumping around like five-year-olds in a high security military base. The thought passed and Hammond ordered the technician to dial the gate. Apprehension grew in the Gate Room and the Control Room. SG-1 stopped bouncing all over the place and went straight up and came back straight down. The gate came with its familiar ‘swoosh’ sound and the hollering klaxons. The team looked around at each other and back to Jack. Hammond came over the microphone.

            “SG-1, you have a go.” O’Neill, glancing at everyone else, bounced around to get into place and put all his might into the wall. Off he went like a rubber ball being hurled against a chunk of concrete. ‘Yeeha.’ He thought as he hurtled through the gate at top speed. Actually, the rush was kinda fun. In record time, he was thrown out of the gate, unceremoniously, and flew over a couple feet of ground before landing with a thump.

“Ow.”  He’d landed on his P-90. Jack crawled a little ways away from the gate to avoid being landed on. Out came Carter with a small ‘umph!’ Then came Daniel.

“Ahhrgh!” the man hollered softly. He also landed harshly beside Jack. “Ow.” came the answer from the still linguist.

“Well, hello Danny. Like your ride?” Jack asked him sarcastically while he was still lying on the comfortable grass. “Mrph,” came a muffled answer. Jack patted him on the back. “Good.” He looked around at his team mates, both who were also on the ground as he was. So next came Teal’c. The big Jaffa had strong legs; no doubt either O’Neill or Daniel were to be squished or kicked, so Jack grabbed Daniel and rolled both of them to the side of the gate. Sam followed in suit. Jack didn’t even see him coming. Next thing he knew, someone’s legs were on top of him. “Teal’c! Geroff!” The Jaffa looked his way.

“I am sorry O’Neill,” Teal’c said in hushed tones. The Stargate closed with a defiant ‘shoop!’ and SG-1 lay there until they could be bothered to move.


Jack got up first with a small groan because of his aching knees. His team followed him and began to rise from the ground. When they all were up, Daniel noticed something very odd.

“Well, it looks like… well to be honest, a bunch of err… horses.” It was nighttime, almost dawn on the planet. The MALP was right when it recorded golden trees, there were plenty of them. It was, so far, a magnificent planet, at night at least. Sam looked at the horses more closely and shook her head slowly.

“Not just any horses, look at this one, it’s dark green with gold hooves.” Teal’c also looked at the horses.

“Are not such equines common on your planet?” he asked Sam. She shook her head again in response.

“No, they’re not,” she answered her friend.  All of them were looking around the place carefully and meticulously before they had to go anywhere. In Jack’s checklist:

1.      Get there.

2.      Check it out.

3.      It dangerous? It peaceful?

4.   Get Daniel… strike that. Who’s home?

5.      Go in with gun and see who’s home.

6.      Why are they home and what do they know?

He looked around carefully at his surroundings, Daniel, Sam, and Teal’c did the

same. His second-in-command was checking out the military checklist of danger, Teal’c was, well, checking things out and Daniel? He was off in his own world. Jack focused to back in front of himself and jumped, startled of the thing that had appeared in front of him. SG-1 turned around and Sam and Jack both had their guns pointed at it.

            “Hello,” the little one said. It seemed to be a young female human. She bowed her head like a Jaffa, but she didn’t seem like one. In response, Teal’c bowed his own head. Jack looked at Teal’c oddly. Then he turned to Daniel. Jack cocked his head at the linguist.

            “Daniel? It’s all yours.” The little girl pulled back in shock. She started talking before any of them could.

            “I am Freya of the Chosen Touched of Thor, out of Eytan Ryhenna of Aderyn and Daniel of Midgaard,” she offered them. They were surprised to say the least. Jack pulled his head back, Carter’s eyes widened, and Daniel pulled back startled and widened his eyes. Teal’c stood stoically, cocked his head, and raised the eyebrow. Daniel uttered a small, little “oh?” The sudden outburst of information surprised the group. Not all people were this… outgoing when they were met. Daniel was surprise at the use of his name the most. Was it just convenient for him to find a ‘Daniel of Midgaard,’ Midgaard being the name for the Norse ‘Earth.’ Not only that, but these people, what ever they are, worshipped Thor, maybe they could be allies.

            “Um, Jack, I believe…” Daniel was cut off.

            “Not now Daniel, no mythological stuff, okay?” Jack pleaded. Daniel held his tongue. The girl, Freya, looked at the bickerers and continued.

            “You must be silent, but it is almost morning. Soon you will be able to talk with my parents, but you must tell me, did you come out of the Axl?” Jack looked noncommittally over his shoulder at the gate and shrugged. He looked back at his friends and they all exchanged looks. Sam finally answered the question.

            “Uh, yeah, we came through the Stargate…”


             Freya was surprised and amused. She was amused at the looseness of their behavior when meeting her. She was surprised at the strange name that they called the Axl. She inclined her head like a confused puppy. “A Star, Gate?” she inquired slowly. Obviously the group had explained this before because the leader, Jack, went to speak.

            “You know, that big, round, gray thing over there, you call it the… Daniel?”

            “Axl,” the other one spoke up. “By the way, I’m Daniel, this is Major Sam Carter, that’s Teal’c,” the Jaffa bowed his head and Daniel continued. “And that’s Colonel Jack O’Neill.”

            Jack tipped his hat to the girl. She didn’t seem all that young after all. “Pleased to meet ya,” he said kindly. Suddenly, Sam belatedly remembered something quite important.

            “Ah, sir? The boots?” she called his attention to the bouncing boot invention. Jack, looking inspired, cocked his head and took a single step. He felt like he was on the moon. He bounced off the ground and through the air, not high at all, but enough to notice something. The poor girl, Freya, was shocked. When Jack landed, he “hmm” ed and went to peel off the boots. The rest of the team followed in suit. Once they were done, Sam apologized for the inconvenience. Jack, being himself, apologized for the smell. At that, Freya laughed shyly. SG-1 had their guns at their sides, so they didn’t scare the girl any more. Sam had a curious streak on her and asked Freya a question.

            “Um, Freya? How old are you?” Daniel, Jack, and Teal’c also became interested in the discovery; apparently they’d all been thinking the same thing. Not something that happens everyday, that is.   

            Freya spoke proudly in her becoming an adult of the herd. “I am 12 bershs.” The word was unfamiliar to the group, she figured and tried the other two words that also meant how old she was. “12 atce-moons?” They were still puzzled. “12 years?” They knew this term, though. She knew this because the thought of her being 12 rocked their steady calm. Jack pulled a highly skeptical face on her. Now she was confused again. “What is the matter, O’Neill?” she questioned.

            “You’re 12?” he said in a disbelieving tone. Freya could have taken offense when he said that, was she unworthy of adulthood in his eyes? She took the other approach and assumed that the group didn’t know about the ritual of the Axl and the ceremonies surrounding it. She nodded strongly.

            “The others went when they were fivers, but I…” she trailed off at the look on all of their faces. Jack still held the highly-skeptic look and he turned around to his teammates.

            “Five?!” he squeaked. Sam and Daniel were blown away and Teal’c was also being highly skeptical. Freya decided to overlook their mild rudeness. They were nice people to deal with she’d decided. Sam thought and took a breath.

            “How long is a year here?” she asked the logical question.

            “Five hundred, forty-seven, point five days, major,” she answered promptly. It was common knowledge to know how long the year was. The mare turned to her stallions.

            “That would explain it,” she mused quietly. Daniel and Teal’c seemed to understand, whereas Jack, well…

            “Explains what major?” Jack inquired urgently.

            “Why she looks 18 by Earth standards, sir. Our year is 365 days and an 18 year old lives 6570 days on their 18th birthday.” Jack nodded, he understood, so Sam went on. “On this planet, a 12 year old lives exactly the same amount of days an 18 year would on Earth. So she is as experienced and has experienced as many days as our 18 year old. I suggest we treat her as so, sir.” Sam explained patiently. Jack nodded slowly; Sam could tell that he was going to ask another question.

            “Soooo, in our years, how old is their fiver?” The smarts put behind that question surprised her. A question like that didn’t come from Jack O’Neill on any old day.

            “About…” Sam paused as she did the calculation in her head. “Well, they’d be older…” she mused to herself. “In our years, a five-year-old here is a seven and a half year old child on Earth.”

            “Oh.” Daniel and Teal’c stole a look at each other. Daniel cleared his throat and moved to the front of the group. He looked at Jack carefully. Freya decided that Jack wasn’t only the leader of this group, but the herd leader from where they had come from. They looked at each other. “Daniel? Is there something you want to ask me?” Jack asked all sarcasm.

            Daniel cleared his throat before going on. “Jack, I’d like to see who these people are, what they do… you know,” Daniel ended. Indeed Jack did know. O’Neill pat the young man on the shoulder.

            “Ah yes,” Jack turned to Freya. “Take me to your leader!” he proclaimed. Though Freya didn’t know why the colonel had chosen that particular phrase, she understood it clearly. Off they went into the forest. Minutes later, dawn arrived in the east, through the far-off mountain range. The group paused to admire its beauty, through the dawn held a special meaning for Freya. She’d vowed that everyday she could after her ceremonies that she’d pray to the rising sun. She stopped and faced the far-off sun.

            “Ni caestre eht Delh aie eht Koce. Ni mora eht Codl aie eht Dela,” she whispered softly. I give the Sun to the Night. I retire the Moon to the Day.  Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c heard the whispers.

            “Daniel?” Jack whispered, fearfully of disturbing the moment. Daniel held up his hand in thought.

            “No, can’t think of any… I think it’s a completely original language. It doesn’t match any words that I can think of. She started off in Norse this time. “Now that I know. It’s Norse.” He stopped and attempted to translate the prayer. “I am grateful for the light of Daggri, Dawn, to shine on this first day of my marehood? Grace me now and I give my pledge to you on all further days of the Chosen’s immortal lives.” Freya finished and so did the monolog. He looked up to face his friends and found them in utter confusion. Daniel shrugged. “I just translate, I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.” Freya knew that the one named Daniel had been providing the running translation of her prayer. She did her prayers in Common normally, but she wanted to see if this Daniel was as adept as her father. He didn’t know the Ancient language, but no matter, she would take them to see her family. Freya breathed in the fresh air and turned back to the group.

            “Please follow me,” Freya asked politely. She took them to the spot where the elders had been resting. When they came to the resting spot, she shook her head and turned to find her brother.


            SG-1 had tried not to notice the amount of horses had increased since they had followed Freya to find the elders. They figured that the sleeping equines were the people’s horses. When Freya went up to a group of the multi-colored horses and turned away, SG-1 had figured that she wanted to stop, grab a horse, and ride to the leader. She had decided against it because it would wake the others, it seemed reasonable. This the team agreed on wholeheartedly, sincerely hoping that these weren’t her people, but that wasn’t possible. It didn’t mean a thing, SG-1 had seen impossible things become possible in front of them. But come on, how could a human’s people possibly be a group of horses? It was put out of mind. Freya walked slowly, as if she was trying to find her horse. She found what she was looking for. A black stallion was in her path. She walked faster towards her horse and went to wake him up. The horse woke with a “humph!” Freya spoke to it soothingly. Jack and the team were talking about her name.

            “She reminds me of that Tok’ra lady, Anise,” O’Neill mentioned quietly.

            Daniel and Sam looked at him oddly. “Why, sir?” Sam asked. Jack returned the look to Sam.

            “Because one of them is named Freya, major,” Jack responded causally. Daniel looked thoughtful and Jack knew a lecture was coming on.

            “Jack, the name Freya is an often used Norse name. She also said ‘Midgaard,’” Daniel mentioned. Jack lifted his hands in a ‘what-does-that-mean’ gesture.

            “It means that they might be good allies,” Daniel explained.

            “Why Daniel?” O’Neill asked again.

            Daniel sighed quietly. “Jack, the Norse gods live in the mythical place of Asgard and were known as the Aesir. Asgard was like Olympos, but Thor, the god of thunder was one of those gods. You see where I’m going with this, right?” Daniel asked O’Neill warily. Jack shrugged and took a guess.

            “Allied with our buddy Thor?” he took a stab at it. Daniel nodded at him and turned to Sam and Teal’c.

            “Smart man, him,” he remarked sarcastically. The crooning girl’s voice and stopped they noted calmly as they talked, but another voice soon joined hers. It was a slightly deeper, masculine voice, but very pleasant to listen to and… musical almost. Jack spun around, gun up, to ward off the new intruder. Sam also had up her gun and Teal’c, his staff weapon.