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Richard Dean Anderson   as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks                as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping              as Captain Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge             as Teal'c
Don S. Davis                     as General George Hammond
Guest Stars: Alex Zahara, Aaron Pearl, Amber Rothwell, Pamela Perry, Daniel Bacon, Glynis Davies, Fred Henderson, Sean Campbell, Efosa Otuomagie 
Written by:  Brad Wright
Directed by:  Charles Correll
Transcribed by: Seanait Doyle
I do not own any of the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights whatsoever to the TV show "Stargate SG-1." That show and all related indicia are copyright MGM/UA and Showtime Inc. 
I am receiving no profit whatsoever from the creation and posting of this transcript.
This is not a novelization or a script. It's a straight and mostly dry transcript of the episode "1969."
It also includes descriptions of action scenes, camera angles, and blocking that I felt were necessary. I did try to transcribe the dialogue from this episode accurately.
If you see any errors or corrections, feel free to e-mail me and I'll update as time and real life permits.
This episode was originally broadcast on March 5, 1999.
Copyright (c) 2005 Seanait Doyle



Opens up in the gate room, looking at the gate straight on. Music plays. Then comes a picture of SG-1 standing around looking rather bored, Captain Samantha Carter is up in the Control Room looking over some stuff.


Jack: What is she doing?


Daniel: Uh, she said something about having to time the calculations exactly right this time of year.


Jack: This time of year? What difference does it make?


Daniel: Uhh… she said something about solar… uh… well, to be honest with you, I wasn’t really paying attention.


Jack, in disbelief: Really?


Teal’c looks at Daniel with an almost raised eyebrow.


Jack turns to the window of the Control Room:  Carter!


Sam, through microphone: Almost there sir. This time of year the direct line between P2X-555 and the Earth takes us within 70 thousand miles of the sun. I have to update the computer’s drift calculation to include gravitational space-time warping.


Jack, sarcastically: We know that. Let’s go.


Sam to Jack: Yes sir. (To technician) You can start the dialing procedure. (To General Hammond) Sir? 

Hammond grabs her cut hand: How’s the hand?
(He reaches down and takes her right hand to inspect it. Cut to a shot of Carter's hand. There is a nasty gash on the back of her hand, from the webbing between her thumb and forefinger to her wrist. 
It's been stitched and taped, but the skin around the cut is purplish and bruised. Cut back to Carter.)

Carter: It’s a little sore, but it’ll be alright. Thank you.


Technician: Chevron 1 encoded.


Hammond to Sam: I’d like you to take this note along with you. Keep it in your vest pocket ‘til you get on the other side. It’s fairly self-explanatory.


Technician: Chevron two encoded.


Sam: Sir, is everything alright?


Hammond: Everything’s fine.


Technician, in background: Chevron three encoded.


Hammond: Time to ship out captain.


Sam puts the note in her vest pocket without reading it: Yes sir. (She walks down to the gate room.)


Technician: Chevron four encoded. (Cut to shot of the spinning gate, then to a door with Sam coming out to join the rest of her team)


Technician, in background on the mic: Chevron five encoded.


Jack to Sam: Ah! Done already?


(Cut to shot of Hammond in the Control Room behind the speaking tech)


Technican: Chevron six encoded.


(Sam looks back at Hammond in the Control Room, then cut to a shot of the seventh chevron and the spinning gate, the chevron locks, cut to a shot of the dialing computer showing the Earth symbol, the chevron actually locking, and the gate opens with its usual *floosh!*)


Technician: Chevron seven… locked.


(Hammond looks proud as SG-1 heads through the open Stargate)


The team travels through the wormhole and arrives on the other side to see an empty SGC. Jack, who has come through first, heads down the ramp slowly and looks back, in confusion, at the gate. Suddenly everything wavers, disappears, and changes to another room.


Jack: Whoa! Did you see that?


Daniel: Ah Jack, do you see this? (The room changes completely now, without a Stargate or anything else recognizable of the SGC.)


Jack looks straight up: Captain Carter? Where are we?


(Something like pneumatics hisses in the BG)


 Sam: I don’t know sir, for a minute there; we were back in the gate room.


(Jack slowly inspects the object hanging over them)


Jack: Ya know, this looks suspiciously like the butt end of a Titan missile. (The team looks worried as Daniel and Sam peer up at it.)


A voice over the intercom in background: Standing by for test burn in T minus twenty seconds. (Something powers up.)


Teal’c: What is a test burn?


Jack, anxious: Just what it sounds like…! Any ideas here?! (SG-1 runs to the walls of the testing silo and start to try and find a way out. They start to bang the walls and doors)


Jack, shouting: Abort!!


Daniel, also shouting: ABORT!!


(Teal’c stands under the missile as the voice comes over the intercom again)


Voice: Fifteen seconds. (Teal’c is curiously peering about the bottom of the missile)


(Jack fiddles with something on the wall uselessly, trying to get out.) Jack: Abort!!!


Voice: Standby for ignition. (Cut to shot of Teal’c looking up at the missile and you can see what he’s looking at. Teal’c starts to raise his hand up – he has a zat in it, SG-1 runs to the wall and turn their backsides to the missile and put their heads against the wall and cover them with their hands)


Jack calls out again: ABORT!!!!


Voice counting down in background: Ten, nine, eight, (Teal’c raises zat and opens it) seven, six (by this time the missile has white fog stuff floating adown around it, ready to fire.) Five, four, (SG-1 takes shelter on wall) Three, (Teal’c zats it once and blue bolts fly up and down the missile – effectively neutralizing it) Two, one, ignition.


(SG-1 looks rather surprised that the missile hasn’t burnt them to crisps, they look out at Teal’c, in wonder)


Jack: How’d you know that would work?


Teal’c: I did not.


(A buzzer rings and a door opens behind them. They spin to find they are being pointed at with guns)


Airman: Hands on your head! Get on your knees!


(SG-1 complies immediately; Teal’c is with the group now on their knees.)


*Stargate theme music*









Sergeant: Who are you and how did you get into this facility?


Jack: What facility?


Airman: Answer the question!


Sam, muttering: Sir, don’t say anything. This is the gate room.


Airman: Shut up!


Sam: Sir, we’re still in Cheyenne Mountain.


Airman, threatening: Next person who shoots his mouth off gets this, is that clear?


Voice over intercom: Take them to the holding room.


Airman: Yes sir.


Jack loudly protesting: No, take me to your CO!


(The airman smacks him with the butt of his gun.)


(Cut to a shot of all of SG-1’s weapons laid out on a table with someone’s hands looking over it. The hands’ owner picks up a zat and shows it to his neighbor.)


Sergeant: The major wants all this stowed for transport sir.


Lieutenant: What is it?


Sergeant: My orders are to forget I ever saw it sir, soo… I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.


(The lieutenant takes a look at Sam’s vest and pulls the note out curiously and reads it. The note first says: George, then he opens it to reveal a message and two dates and times:


Help them.

 August 10  9:15 AM

August 11  6:03 PM


(The lieutenant continues to peer at it in consternation. Cut to a shot of SG-1 in a holding room, Sam is talking.)


Sam: I’m fairly certain that we’ve traveled back in time, roughly about thirty years. For a second or two, I think we were in both time frames simultaneously which is why the Stargate seemed to be there one minute and was gone the next.


Jack: A little bump in the calculations captain?


Sam: I’m sorry sir; I don’t know what to say.


Jack: Oh I’ll tell you what, get us back home and we’ll say it never happened.


Daniel: Or get us back before we left and it won’t happen.


(SG-1 looks at each other uncomfortably at Daniel’s suggestion, he launches into full archeologist/Daniel mode)


Daniel: Well think about it, we’re the first people in human history to go back in time… whoul (a common ‘mis-saying’ of the word ‘well’… lol) for all we know. If we could figure out how to do this again, then just think of what we could do. We could actually… visit Babylon, we could, we could… we could see the Great Wall of China being built.


Teal’c: Or prevent regrettable events in your history from ever occurring.


Sam: No, that’s exactly what we can’t do. 


Jack: Why not?


Sam: Because of the Grandfather Paradox. *Pause* If you went back fifty years and murdered your own grandfather, your own father would have never of been born.


Daniel: Right, so you’re saying if we change our own past-


Sam: We could change our world in ways we can’t possibly imagine. But, we might even cease to exist, just along with everything and everyone we know.  


Teal’c: I myself have no part in the history of your world.


Sam: But when they find out about the Goa’uld threat, they might have second thoughts about opening the Stargate in the first place. In which case, we never meet and you’re back to being First Prime of Apophis.


Teal’c murmurs: I see…


Daniel: So, we don’t tell them about the Gould.


Sam: How do we explain the larval Gould that Teal’c is carrying? Our advanced weapons, our GDO’s?


Jack: Correct me if I’m wrong captain, but haven’t we altered history already just by being here?


Sam, nodding: We have to concentrate on damage control. At the very least, destroy our advance weapons and technology.


Jack: That’s gonna be a little tough.


Sam takes off her SG-1 patch: We also cannot tell anyone anything about who we are or where we’re from.


Jack: This is a top secret facility; anonymity does not go over big here.    


Sam: We cannot tell them we’re from the future sir. Even if it means-


(The door opens behind them and SG-1 looks towards it, the original gun-holding airman and several of his cohorts walk in, he looks around and walks up to Daniel)


Airman: Áóäåòå âû ñîâåòñêèìè øïèîíêàìè? - Are you Soviet spies?


Daniel: Íåò – Nyet – No.


Jack sighs: Daniel?


Daniel: He just asked if we were Soviet spies, I just… (Jack gives him a knowing nod like ‘figure-it-out-Daniel,’ Daniel looks rather ashamed and miffed)


Airman: Come with me.


Jack: Sure. You bet. Nyet? (latter said to no one in particular) Jack walks out the door with the airmen, leaving the rest of his team in the holding room, the door shuts behind him


(Cut to shot of a major lighting his cigarette, he and Jack are sitting at a table – Jack is being interrogated)


Major: I’m Major Robert Thorton. (A pause) And you are…”


Jack coughs before answering: Captain James T. Kirk… of the starship Enterprise.


Thorton: And your dog-tags say otherwise.


Jack says conspiratorially: They’re lying.


Thorton: Your American accent is very impressive, Mr. Kirk. Before we ship you out I’m to hand you over to wherever it is that take spies suck as yourself, I wanted you word, your little incursion into our training facility is going to leave an embarrassing mark on my record.


Jack, obviously confused: Training… facility?


Thorton: You don’t think we’d test fire a real missile twenty-eight floors inside a mountain, do you?


Jack: Listen, you don’t have the exact date-


Thorton: What was the weapon you used?


Jack: Weapon?


Thorton: Our cameras saw some sort of weapon.


Jack: Oh… well it’s hard to say.


Thorton: Some sort of state secret?


Jack: No… just difficult to pronounce. 


Thorton: Hmm… mister, my government doesn’t take well kindly to Soviet spies in its security facilities… neither do I.


Jack: Well…. Bob, can I call you Bob?


Thorton: Even though you achieved nothing.


Jack: Unless that’s exactly what we were trying to achieve.


Thorton, now threatening: Kirk, you can talk to me or you can talk to the C.I.A.


Jack looks taken aback: Ooh…alright, I’ll be honest with you Bob… my name’s not Kirk. It’s Skywalker… Luke Skywalker. 


(The major puts out his cigar.)


            ~ Back in the Present Day World ~

(Cut to the shot of the outside of Cheyenne Mountain Complex, then to the Control Room, Hammond is standing in the empty room gazing out at the Stargate, a sergeant walks up to him)


Sergeant: Still no sign of SG-1, sir. They never made it to P2X-555.


Hammond: Very well. SG-5 will have to complete their mission.


Sergeant: If I may ask sir, what are we gonna do about SG-1?


Hammond: They’re out there somewhere. Hopefully they’ll find their way back.


Sergeant: Shouldn’t we start the search?


Hammond: I’m afraid this is one mission they’re on their own.


Sergeant: Yes sir. (He leaves rather confused)


            ~ Back to the Past ~

(You see a road sign that is brightly painted it has a cowgirl lassoing the words: "BREATHE DEEPLY FOLKS SOON BE IN ALBQUERQUE."
Beneath those words, in smaller print, is the message: "VISIT MIKE'S LEATHER EMPORIUM." and a truck passes by, SG-1 is on that truck presumably)

Jack: Listen, I don’t know where we’re headed, but they’ll probably try to split us up. So we’re not gonna have much time to-


Sam: Escape and hopefully live out the rest of our lives without affecting history.


Jack: Or?


Sam: I can’t think of an ‘or’ at the moment sir.


Daniel, sounding upset: No ‘or?’


Jack: There’s an ‘or.’


Daniel: There’s an ‘or?’


Sam: Sir, you just can’t will something to happen because you want it to be a certain way.


Jack: Captain, where there’s a will, there’s an ‘or’… way. 


Teal’c: If I remain on this planet, I will eventually be taken over by my mature symbiote.


(They all look at each other in shock, then left front tire of the truck pops, the truck slows and comes to a stop, the front door of the truck opens and the lieutenant and some others go to fix the tire.)


Lieutenant to another airman: I’ll keep and eye, you help the driver. (Both have their guns out, the other man walks away and the lieutenant opens the back door, gets in and shuts it, next there’s a shot of the guys fixing the tire)


Jack to the lieutenant: Flat tire?


Lieutenant: I’m the one who arranged it. Before I can even think of doing what’s asked of me in the note, I need to know who you are and who gave to you.


Sam looks at the guy, his name tag reads “HAMMOND.” Oh my God… (she breathes, she looks at her team as they silently ask her for the answer.) My name is Samantha Carter and… you gave me the note sir. (Then she turns to Jack) Sir, before we left General Hammond gave me a note and told me to keep it in my vest pocket until I got to the other side.


Lieutenant Hammond seems as shocked as the rest of them: It’s addressed to me… in my handwriting.


Jack: What’s it say?


Lt. Hammond: …Help them. And seeing as helping you will undoubtedly lead to court martial I’d like to know why I would do that.


Sam: Because it’s your idea.


Jack: Albeit one you won’t have for thirty years…


Lt. Hammond speaks softly: What?


Sam: I know this is kind of hard to understand, but that’s roughly how far back in time we’ve traveled.


Lt. Hammond is wary: I’m sorry, I can’t help you.


Daniel: Wa, wa, wait! We can prove it. (Lt. Hammond turns back around from leaving the back of the truck.)


Jack: The date, what’s the date?


Lt. Hammond is very skeptical: August 4th… 1969.


Jack turns to Daniel: ’69, what happened in ’69?


Daniel to Hammond: Uh um, the moon landing, that was just a couple of weeks ago, right?


Lt. Hammond: The entire world knows that.


Jack: But not too many people know that you watched it from your father’s bedside in his hospital room just two days after his first heart attack.


Lt. Hammond, voice wavering slightly: How did you know?


Jack: Because we know you… (reconsiders what he said) …We will know you. For some reason thirty years ago, you decided we were gonna need help. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing there with a note. *a pause as Hammond considers* Are you gonna listen to yourself or not?


(They all look at him expectantly then after a bit of thinking, he puts his gun away, reaches down, and unlocks their chains)


Lt. Hammond: There are two other men, including the driver.


Jack, whispering: Thank you!


Sam, winces as he removes the cuffs: Ow!


Lt. Hammond grabs her hand and looks at it: I’m sorry miss, did I hurt you?


Sam: It’s captain and it’s alright… lieutenant. (She smiles as she knows she can finally exert power over him) Um, may I see the note?


(Hammond grabs it from a pocket as Jack speaks)


Jack: Look, we don’t want to hurt anybody, but we are gonna have to knock those guys out somehow.


(Hammond reaches under the seat and grabs something)


Lt. Hammond: Will this do? (He holds up a zat and gives it to Jack)


Jack looks at it: Right, call for help. (Hammond is again suspicious)


Teal’c: The dangerous foreign aliens, you now guard, have … inexplicably freed themselves.


(Lt. Hammond nods an affirmative and goes to holler out the door.)


Lt. Hammond, in a raised voice: Help! (One guy comes running and Jack zats him from the truck as Hammond looks on in awe, as one guy falls, the other comes to the back with his gun and Jack zats him too)


Jack: Where’s the rest of our gear?


Lt. Hammond: Uh, the major ordered it shipped in a separate truck for security reasons. (He looks up the road) They should be right behind.


Jack: Good, get down. (Hammond goes to obey.) Go.


(Truck sounds come rumbling up the road and the truck appears not much later, someone hops out to see what the problem is and why there are three bodies on the ground)


(Jack runs up from behind them both and zats them, Hammond gets up after, they open the back of the other truck and Jack gets in, he zats open a case with their stuff in it – he chucks a GDO at Sam)


Jack, commanding: Alright, everything you confiscated from us is in these two boxes?


Lt. Hammond nods: Except for your ray gun, yes.


Jack: Right… (the team looks on, Jack gets the boxes together) Watch yourself. (He zats them three times and they disappear much to Hammond’s surprise and SG-1’s mild amusement, he addresses Hammond again) Alright, your major what’s-his-name had a videotape of this thing in action.


Lt. Hammond: Uh yes, it was in those boxes along with everything else.


Jack: Good. (He gets out of the truck) Got any cash?


Lt. Hammond fumbles with some money: Uh yeah I might some… uh…


Jack grabs a wad of money from him: That’s good. Pay ya back… with interest.


Sam: One more thing, you have to keep everything you seen and everything we’ve told you a secret and I mean for the rest of your life.


Lt. Hammond: General Hammond… I like the sound of that. Whadda gonna do now?


Jack ponders something before turning around and opens the zat: Well, you’re better off not knowing, but I do want you to know that what I’m about to do keeps you from getting court marshaled. (He zats Hammond) We should get off this road and find the interstate.


(SG-1 is in a forest)


Daniel: So what’s the plan?


Jack: To find the Stargate.


Daniel: ‘To find the Stargate?’ That’s the plan?


Jack: Elegant in its simplicity, don’t ya think?


Daniel: And if we don’t find the Stargate?


Jack: There’s one in Antarctica….


Daniel: There’s one in Antarctica…! That’s, that’s a fabulous plan!


Teal’c: Assuming we locate the Stargate, how then do we get back to the future?


Jack: All well, that’s all in the note, right?


Sam: Ah no sir. (She opens it up)


Jack: No sir…?


Sam: Well it doesn’t explain how to get back, at least not explicitly. (She hands Jack the note)


Jack: ‘Help them. August 10, 9:15 AM, August 11: 6:03 PM.’ That’s helpful. (He hands it to Daniel who reads it over)


Sam: Well I suppose he had to be intentionally cryptic so as not to risk changing his own history.


Jack: August 10th, that’s cryptic.


Daniel: Wait a second, that means on August 10th at 9:15 AM, something is going to happen.


Sam: And happen again the next day at 6:03. We just have to figure out what that something is.


Jack: Right… (They keep walking until they have found the interstate; they try to cross when a red car goes zooming by)


Jack: Ya know the ‘Vette blew it when they went with that body style! They used to be so cool.


Daniel: Actually I was about four and a half years old in ’69.


Jack: Carter, stick your thumb out. (Cars go flying by as the rest of the team hides out of sight in a ditch on the side of the road)


Daniel: We should go to New York.


Jack: Why?


Daniel: Well that’s where Catherine used to live or lives. She’s probably the only person outside of military who has the slightest idea where the Stargate might be. I really don’t think she’s gonna tell us over the phone.


Sam: Daniel, ya can’t. In order to preserve our pasts, Catherine has to meet you for the first time years from now.


Daniel: So we go in disguise. Pretend to be… foreigners.


Jack: How ya gonna do that?


Daniel: Well, I speak 23 different languages, pick one! Catherine herself said she began her research in the late Sixties, I mean who knows; maybe we’re the ones who gave her the idea in the first place. (Another car zooms by Carter and she looks kind of pissed off)


Teal’c: This method appears to be ineffective. (Teal’c hops out of the ditch and runs onto the road.


Jack: Teal’c? Gawd… Teal’c! (Teal’c raises his hand like a double stop sign, the bus coming down the road stops in front of him – it’s a hippy bus, covered in ‘psychedelic’ paintings


Jack: What are you thinking?!


Teal’c: That is effective O’Neill. (Jack runs to the bus doors as they open)


Man: Hey, we would have stopped man!


Jack, uneasy with the past catching up with him: Hi… listen, we’ve got gas money, where ya headed?


Man: Upstate New York, some big concert.* Where you headed? (*Woodstock)


Jack: New York, back east.


Man: Hop in! (The girl gets in the back as Jack motions that its okay for them to come and get on the bus, Jack goes first, then Sam, then Daniel, and then Teal’c, who sits in the front)


Man: Come on, ride up front with me brother, its cool! (Teal’c looks at him oddly and gets on slowly) My name’s Michael.


Teal’c: I am not at liberty to reveal my identity.


Michael: Far out! (he starts the bus with a jolt and a sputter of gas)


Daniel: Hello. (The young girl is staring at him)


Girl, shyly: Hi. So what’d you do?


Daniel: We didn’t ah… we didn’t do anything.


Jack: We’ve got a little problem with… the Establishment.


Girl: I so relate to that.


Sam: So, if you could take us as far as New York we’d-


Girl: I really love your hair.


Sam: Thanks… (the bus starts to make crunching and grinding sounds)


Jack: Listen, we could really use some cheap clothes… so if ya see a cheap clothes place around, we’d appreciate it. 


~Up in the front of the Bus~


Michael, to Jack: No sweat. (to Teal’c) So ah… your thing, that thing… what’s it symbolize? Peace?


Teal’c, rather grimly: Slavery. To false gods.


Michael, in awe: Right on! So um… it’s made outta…?


Teal’c: Do not discuss it further.


Michael: I dig, it’s cool. So’d you just go AWOL? (Teal’c looks at him funny.) Hey, we’re cool! After the concert, me and Jenny, we’re even thinkin’ about crossing the border up to Canada.


Teal’c: For what reason? 


Michael: You know man, the war.


Teal’c: The war with Canada? (Michael’s turn to look at Teal’c funny)


Michael: No.


(Some ‘traveling music’ begins to play. You see the front of the bus, the bus passing a sign that says “EAST 66,” a silhouette of the bus cruising in the sunset, a map, then Sam and Jenny shopping for clothes – presumably all of SG-1 is there, next the bus travels through cow country, the map is overlaid again, next you see Jack half in the front of the bus fixing it and Teal’c comes around the front. He’s wearing mostly pink! Uh oh… Teal’c’s learning to drive from Daniel. Next you see a mistake – the Sears Tower is overlaid on screen. The Sears Tower wasn’t built or was being built during 1969, it was finished some years later. All of SG-1 takes turns driving. Finally, it’s night and SG-1 is alone around a campfire – eating.)


Jack gives Sam some soup or something. He breathes it: Here.


(The fire flares up a little.)


Sam: Flare.


Jack: What?


Sam: That’s the only explanation. We had to have been sent back because of a solar flare.


Teal’c: Was it not an error in your calculations?


Sam: I don’t think so Teal’c. But after the Abydos mission, when we couldn’t figure out a way to make the gate work again, I was asked to research alternative applications for the gate including time travel.


Jack: Whatcha come up with?


Sam: Well, just this… (she grabs a stick and proceeds to make a picture in the sand.) What if… a massive solar flare just happened to happen at the exact moment we where traveling between Earth and another Stargate? (You can see Michael’s head poke up in interest through the trees) If the wormhole itself was redirected closer to the Sun because of the flare’s magnetic field, the increased gravity could slingshot us back to Earth.


Daniel: Why haven’t we tried this before?


Sam: Because flares are impossible to predict. What, light takes several minutes to travel between the Earth and the Sun, so by the time a flare of sufficient magnitude has been confirmed, it’s already too late.


Daniel: Okay, if they’re impossible to predict, how do we get ourselves home?


Sam: August 10th, 9:15 a.m. It’s in the note.


Jack: It’s the time and date of the next flare?


Sam: Yeah! General Hammond must have used my own research to figure out what we needed.


Daniel: Or maybe that’s the reason he asked you to do research in the first place.


Sam: And then he looked up two flares in August of 1969 that could send us home.


Jack: General Hammond, you old son-of-a…


(He leaves off as Jenny and Michael come through the woods to meet them. SG-1 looks up at them. They look awed, scared, and curious all at the same time, Michael steps into the firelight)  


Jack, seemingly innocent: Hello. Soup?


Michael: Who are you guys?


Jack: Come on, have something to eat.


Michael: I mean, travel between the Earth and where? What’s that about?


Sam: Well, when I said that, I was just imagining-


Michael: Oh I don’t think so mam.


Jenny: You said that you were in trouble with the Establishment.


Jack: And… we are.


Daniel: We are…


Jack: Just not the Establishment of… this planet. No, its true Michael, we came to Earth to hide among your people a long, long time ago


Daniel: From a galaxy far, far, away.


Jack, in all seriousness: But now its time to go home and we need your help.


Jenny, buying the story: How?


Daniel: We need to be in a place called New York by tomorrow.


Michael doesn’t seem like he’s completely bought: I don’t know man…


(Jack and Sam share a look and a silent agreement is reached. Jack sighs and casually reaches behind him, pulls out the zat and looks at it – like he’s seeing it for the first time, inspecting it almost.)


Jack: It’s alright.


(He opens the zat and fires it into the fire, making it blaze like a bonfire.)


Michael (now I think he believes them): Whoa! That was unreal!


Teal’c: It is in fact extremely real, as is our need for assistance.


Jenny: We have to help them get home Michael. (He nods.)


Michael: Okay, we’ll do it.


(Jack closes the zat and smiles.) (Next you see the bus rolling along and stop at an observatory in New York. The bus screeches to a halt, Jack and Teal’c get off)


Sam: Sir, remember to use the hydrogen-alpha solar filter solar filter


Jack: Or I’ll burn my eyes out, I know.


Sam: Good luck!

(Cut to the interior of the observatory, where a massive telescope is set up on the platform. Teal'c and Jack enter to find that no one is there.) 
Jack: Yes!
(He hops over the railing to get to the telescope, and Teal'c climbs over as well. Jack tucks his sunglasses into his jacket pocket, looking up at the huge telescope.)
Jack:  All right, we got one shot to prove Carter's theory. (to himself) Don't screw it up, Jack.
Teal'c: Is not astronomy one of your hobbies, O'Neill?
Jack:  Not quite on this scale. (going over to the controls) Let's get that dome open…
(He pushes a button, and the dome above them turns, opening to let the Sun in. Jack puts his sunglasses on again as the dome locks)
~Back at the Bus~
(Another shot of the bus driving down the highway. Cut to a shot of the Statue of Liberty, then dissolve to the map as the red line finally reaches New York City and then Jersey City.)
 It pulls up to the curb in front of Catherine's home, a nice two-story house with a shaded porch and a long flight of steps leading up to the front door. 
Dissolve to the interior of the house, as a much younger Catherine - in her mid-forties - shows Daniel and Sam into the living room. They're wearing the same outfits they picked up earlier, but Daniel has slicked back his hair for some reason…
Catherine: Father never told me Andrek Gruber had a son.
Daniel: (German accent) Vell, I vas but a small boy ven they vere shtill vorking together... (He and Sam sit down on the couch, and Catherine sits down in a chair across from them.) ...but mein father often spoke of dein father as one of the few people in zis vorld he could trust.
Catherine: Before we continue, I must ask: What was so important it couldn't be discussed over the telephone?
(Sam gives Daniel an ‘I–told-you-so’ look.)
Daniel: Mein father beliefed zere must have been a zecond artifact near zat vich dein father discovered in 1928.
(A maid enters carrying a tray with several cups of tea. As she sets it down on the coffee table, Catherine looks nervous.)
Catherine: Was weisst du davon? - What do you know of it?
Daniel: He referred to it in his notes as ze "Doorvay to Heaven."
(Recognizing that answer as correct Catherine sits back, nervously glancing at the maid, who is still pouring tea. Somewhere, Catherine's cat meows insistently. Daniel gets the hint and switches to German.)
Daniel:  Wir haben ein Fragment der Steinplatte gefunden, mit einigen derselben eichnungen wie dieser, die vor allen diesen Jahren entdeckt wurde. 
We have found a fragment of a coverstone with some of the markings as the one uncovered all those years ago, but there was nothing underneath it.
(The maid finishes up and leaves.)
Catherine: You found only a fragment? Nothing beneath?
Daniel: (Sam picks up a cup of tea too) Ze artifact had already been removfed.
Catherine, frustrated: Oh... We always knew there had to be a second device with which to control the ring.
(Sam sips her tea, and Catherine picks up a cup and saucer herself. There is an awkward moment of silence.)
Daniel: I realize zese matters require ze utmost propriety, but--
Catherine:  Did your father ever explain to you the nature of the work he was doing in 1945?
Daniel: Only zat ze American militar vas under ze mistaken impression zat ze device dein father discovered might hold zome dark militar purpose. Uh, even zat much, I vas... svorn to secrecy.
Catherine: There was an accident.
Daniel: Ernest Littlefeld?
Catherine: When the war ended, my father and I were told never to speak of it again. It is simply... locked away.
Daniel: And... you cannot tell me vhere?
Catherine: Some old armory in Washington, D.C., gathering dust. But it's pointless. The military won't even acknowledge its existence. 
(Another pause. The cat meows again. Daniel picks up a spoon, stirring his tea before asking the big question.)
Daniel: Vould you know... vhich armory?
~Back at the Observatory~
(The telescope is all set up, and Teal'c and Jack are standing at the base of the telescope, waiting. Jack checks his watch before looking up again.)
Jack: All right. In a few seconds, we'll know whether or not we can go back.
Teal'c: And if we cannot, O'Neill?
Jack: Guess we stay. 
(Teal'c looks down in disarray)
Jack: (checks watch) All right, it's showtime.
(He puts his eye to the lens, squinting to make out the image. Through the filter, we can clearly see a solar flare. Cut back to Jack)
Jack: (still looking into the telescope) Brother Teal'c, at precisely 6:03 P.M. tomorrow, we're going home.
Teal'c nods, smiling just a bit.
(Jack and Teal'c emerge from the observatory just as the bus pulls up to the curb  its doors swinging open. The two men run up and hop into the bus and climb into the back, where Daniel and Sam are sitting.)
Sam: Well?
Teal'c: Your theory is confirmed.
Jack: Where do we have to be for tomorrow's flare?
Daniel: Washington, D.C. 
(Cut to the outside of the bus as its doors close and the vehicle pulls away from the curb. The bus is on the highway again. Dissolve to road map, as their route turns from New York, heading south towards Washington. 
Then cut to a shot of the cab of the vehicle, seen through the front windshield. Sam’s driving, and Teal'c is up front beside her.)
Sam to Jack: We're almost there, sir. It's gonna be close if we don't find a power source right away.
Jack: We will. (Cut to the back of the bus. Jack puts on his cap.)
(He turns to Michael and Jenny, who are sitting there with them.)
Jack: Listen, I really have to say this. The two of you have been unbelievably...
Daniel: Groovy.
Jack: Groovy, I think, is the word.
Daniel: Uh, the people of our world will be extremely grateful.
Jack: Not the Establishment.
Daniel catches himself: No. Not... not them…
Jack: I think what we're trying to say is that we have to go the rest of the way alone.
Jenny: Why?
Jack: Because it's dangerous.
Michael, spontaneously:  We want you to take us with you.
Jack: We can't do that.
Michael: But you owe us.
Jack: Yes, we do. We owe you a lot. But you belong here. You have to trust me on this. This is a great time.
Jenny interrupts: Michael got drafted.
(Hearing that, Jack stops and stares at them. Daniel's smile abruptly fades.)
Michael: We're just going to the concert first. You know, one last blast, but if we went with you...
(Jack sighs and looks away.)
Michael: I don't wanna… kill anybody.
Jack: Michael--!
Sam: Sir, you can't say anything. (the others stare at her) He has to make up his own mind.
(Jack looks down at the floor. Jenny looks disappointed.)
Sam: We can walk the rest of the way from here.
Jack, quietly: We got to go. (puts on his sunglasses) I'm sorry.
(Cut to the gates of the armory as the bus pulls up. Jack, Teal'c, Daniel, and Sam climb out. Jenny follows, stopping Sam to talk to her.)
Jenny: Your secret's safe with us.
Sam hugs her: We know that. Thank you. (releases her) Take care.
(Sam follows the rest of the team as Michael steps out of the bus and puts an arm around Jenny. She turns and hugs him tightly, and he wraps his arms around her as well.)
In the center of the warehouse is a tall, almost flat rectangular crate standing up on its end - obviously containing the Stargate. A guard crosses the floor of the armory, walking out of frame past a Jeep. 
A second later, there is a crackle and a blast of blue-white electricity appears from of screen in the direction the guard came. A second later, Jack walks out into the floor, closing the zat in his hand.
He runs towards the Gate, signaling to someone off screen, and the other three members of SG-1 follow him.
Jack climbs up on one side of the crate holding the Stargate, with Daniel behind him, and Sam and Teal'c go to the other side.
Sam and Jack open the locks at the base of the crate, while Teal'c and Daniel climb up the sides, opening the locks higher up.
Sam takes her position down by some crates as Daniel reaches the topmost lock on his side. Teal'c hesitates until Jack signals to him, then reaches over and unlocks the final lock.
The front and back of the crate fall down with a crash to reveal the Stargate, leaving the top and sides of the crate standing like a picture frame around the Gate.
Sam stands up as Teal'c and Daniel climb back down, following Jack around to the front of the Gate.
Jack to Sam: Where to?
Sam: Back the way we came, via P2X-555. 
Daniel: Wait a minute, how do you know we'll go forward in time instead of back?
Sam: Well, General Hammond must have chosen flares on the opposite side of the sun this time, so the sun's rotational differential will send us forward instead of back. (seeing their doubtful expressions)
Look, we just have to trust General Hammond. I mean, the point is, we are fifteen minutes away from the only chance we are going to get at this, and we still haven't found a power source to fre-
Jack, rather irritated: How much power?
(Cut to a close-up shot of one of the Gate's chevrons, the one on the lower left side of the ring. A couple of cables are hooked up to the chevron, which is glowing red. 
Power is humming through the cables, and the camera follows the cables over some crates to the source - the engine of one of the military vehicles in the armory. Jack is sitting behind the wheel, impatiently revving the engine.)
(Sam sits in the cab of another vehicle hooked up to the gate, and Daniel and Teal'c are beside the Stargate, having turned it by hand and keeping an eye on the connection. Two of the chevrons are lit up, and a third one locks.)
Sam: (shouting over the engines) Keep it going!
Outside the building, a guard is passing by, but stops when he hears the sound of the chevrons locking and the Jeeps Curious, he approaches a side door. 
Inside, six out of seven chevrons are locked, and only the final chevron at the top of the Gate hasn't locked yet. As the hum of the engines and the Stargate increases in pitch, Teal'c and Daniel jump down, getting clear before the wormhole activates.
At that moment, the guard comes in a side door. Seeing the Gate running, he dashes forward, pulling his gun out of its holster. Suddenly, the final chevron locks, and the wormhole activates in a blue-white plume of energy. Shocked, the guard hesitates, taken aback by the sight.
The four members of SG-1 move to the base of the "ramp" formed by one of the sides of the crate. The guard remembers himself and pulls out his gun.
Guard shouts: You! Stop!
(The team turns to see him pointing the gun at them. Another guard comes in through a door that leads out into a railing along the upper wall.)
Jack: We have got to go.
(Above them, the other guard draws his gun as well. Jack rushes forward towards the crates, opens the zat and fires at the guard above them as the team dives behind a bunch of crates for cover. 
Seeing the other guard fall - and just *what* kind of weapon Jack has - the first guard takes cover behind a Jeep as well, firing at the team. Jack fires back, zapping the Jeep with energy. Dazed, the first guard falls backwards.)
Sam: Sir, the timing has to be exact. Just a few more seconds.
Jack:  It's going to have to be close enough. Go!
(The guard up top recovers and gets up, and the first guard gets back behind the Jeep. Sam gets up and makes a break for the Stargate, followed by Daniel and Teal'c. The guard up top takes a few shots at them, 
and Jack shoots back at him a few times, electrifying the railing and causing the guard to falter as he gets up and runs for the gate, diving through the wormhole as the guards continue to shoot.)
Cut to a traveler's-eye view of transit through the wormhole, then to the Stargate on the other side. With a yell, O'Neill dives through the wormhole and hits the deck, covering his head as a few bullets come through, harmlessly ricocheting off metal. 
(The wormhole shuts off, SG-1 gets up, looking around. It's the Gate room all right, but aside from the four of them, it's completely empty and abandoned, and the lights are dimmed. The pieces of equipment aside from the Stargate are all wrapped up. 
It looks as though no one has used the place in years.)
Jack gets up: Auntie Em? Auntie Em?
Sam: Where is everyone?
(The bay doors slide open then, and an elderly woman in a white dress steps into the Gate room.)
Woman, smiling: Hello, Jack.
(Startled, Jack turns to stare at her. The woman walks up to the base of the ramp, looking at them with amazement and delight.)
Woman: Teal'c? Daniel? (she laughs) I hardly recognized you with hair.
(Sam looks at Daniel and Teal'c, both of whom look completely puzzled. Jack steps forward cautiously.)
Jack clears throat: Do... do we know you?
Woman: Sam will recognize me. (to Sam) Come closer.
(They slowly walk down to the base of the ramp, with Sam in the lead. As she reaches the woman, Sam suddenly smiles brightly, her eyes light up with recognition.)
Sam: Oh my God. (hugs her) Cassandra!
Cassandra laughs: Dear Sam.
Jack: Excuse me. (he taps Sam on the shoulder) *Who* is this?
Sam: (stepping back from her) Cassandra.
Jack: Cassie's thirteen years old.
Cassandra:  Not anymore, Jack. (as he suddenly gets it) I've been expecting you - my whole life, in fact. You entered the Stargate a few seconds too soon, so the flare threw you far into the future. I've come to send you back where you belong.
Daniel: How did you know we'd come here?
Cassandra: When I was old enough to understand, Sam explained what happened, and that I'd be the one to send you home.
Sam: Like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Cassandra nods: Mm-hmm. As much as I would love to spend more time with you, the timing must be precise. You have to go.
Sam: Already? But there's so much that you--
Cassandra: You of all people know I can't.
(Sam nods, disappointed. Cassandra lifts her hand, and we see some kind of device on the back of her hand, with what looks like a single green stone in the center. She traces a finger around the stone, and it lights up with a green glow. 
The wormhole activates again - this time there's no plume, and the chevrons don't spin. The wormhole simply fills in the center of the ring. Sam takes the G.D.O. out of her bag and keys in the activation code.)
Cassandra: I will tell you this... your journey's just beginning.
(They stop and look at her for a moment, and Sam puts the GDO back before SG-1 turns and walks up the ramp through the wormhole.)
~The Gate room, present day~ 
(The Gate has already activated, and the camera cuts to the control room.)
Technician: Incoming traveler, sir.
Hammond and another technician hurry into the control room, and Hammond goes to the window.
Walter, quite surprised: It's SG-1.
Hammond: Open the iris.
(He turns and runs out of the control room. Cut to the Stargate as the iris slides open. The bay door slides open and Hammond walks in, just as SG-1 steps through the wormhole in their ‘60s’s clothes, looking very out of place. 
Seeing that they're finally home, Jack throws up his hands in relief, pointing both fingers at
Jack: Yes!
(He heads down to meet Hammond at the base of the ramp, with the rest of the team behind him.)
Jack: (snapping off a half-salute to Hammond) We're home...
(Behind them, the wormhole shuts off.)
Jack: ...thanks to one sparky young… Lieutenant Hammond.
Sam: How did you know, sir?
Hammond:  When I was a young lieutenant, I was ordered to escort four people out of Cheyenne Mountain. In the vest pocket of one I found a note with… my name on it. Needless to say, I followed its instructions.
Sam: But you couldn't have known when to give it to me.
Hammond: No, not until I saw the cut on your hand. Remember when I took your cuffs off…
Sam: Then you've been waiting for this to happen.
Hammond: Ever since we met. I almost didn't let you go.
Sam: But if you didn't, you would have changed your own history.
Jack simply smiles and shakes his head.
Hammond: It's going to be a *long* debriefing, people. We'll start in one hour.
Jack: Yes, sir.
Hammond: Oh, by the way, colonel... with interest, you owe me five hundred thirty-nine dollars and fifty cents.
Sam and Daniel can't help but grin at that one.
Jack: (smiles) Yes sir.

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